To start your free Wuda Time account you just need to Sign-up and register with your email and password.

Note that we are now in Beta version, so even if Wuda Time is already a functioning application there are many things we would need to test and new features we will be adding that will need your feedback. So to do so, we need your help.

Therefore the goal of this beta program is to let you use the application -of course, for free-, reproduce eventual non-intended behavior and try new functionalities. For that you can use Feedback tab while using the application, and Support at anytime.

1. Go to the registration page:

2. Insert your email and desired username.

3. an information screen tells you to check your email. You will receive an email with an activation link. Go to your email inbox and open it. If you can't find it look at the spam folder, sometimes the email services sent it there.

4. Click the activation link from the email (the blue botton: "activar cuenta" for users with english browsers you will see "activate account").

5. You will be sent to the browser and will see the "activate account" page. Click the "activate my account" button.

6. Login to WudaTIme with your email and password.