Accept invitations video tutorial:

1. click th accept invitation button in the invitation email

2. Register:  introduce email adress and username  (or email again). click register

3 Successfull regitration screen: once registered this screen should appear. It tells you that you have a confrimation email to confirm the email adress your registeresd with. If you click the gren button with the check simbol you wil login to Wudatime and can skip temporalery steps 4-6. Remember to confrim your email (steps 4 to 6) later on if you want to keep using Wudatime.

4. In your inbox you will find the account activation email. Click the Activate the account. button

5 Confirm account activation by clicking the blue "activate my account" button.

6. Login to WudaTIme with your username (or email) and password.